Thank you Coinbase

I want to thank coinbase for a change. Looking back, they were the rock of my bitcoin strategy since April and I owe them this word(self.Bitcoin)

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This community can get down on old CB at times. But I still love coinbase because they helped me achieve my investment goals in a pretty shaky time in bitcoin’s past – when I didn’t know who to trust with my money.

• Coinbase is sometimes criticized by the communities (reddit, bitcointalk) for executing trades improperly, BTC supply shortages at critical times, and other issues. However, early adopters should be mindful that Coinbase is the only reliable method of converting Bitcoin to USD for most americans. Coinbase has accomplished this in spite of the difficulties all other exchanges have had with USD transactions and regulation.

• We should thank coinbase: coinbase has done the Bitcoin community well by making Bitcoin accessible to the average consumer. Its simple interface has allowed Bitcoin to reach a wider (non geek) demographic. The wild success of Bitcoin in recent months is what we have to show for the effort.


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