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It may be time to buy some LTC again. Here’s why. The golden rules for altcoin trading.

This blog post is a glorified (with some images and minor changes) copy pasta of my post on /r/cryptomarkets. LTC – how low can it go? It might be time to take a shot with LTC for a potential bitcoin

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Avoid the 5 Common Mistakes of Altcoin Traders

Originally posted on Crypto Frenzy:
Most people new to altcoin trading make similar mistakes. I wonder if it is even possible to avoid them. Maybe they are a necessary learning step. 1. No Patience Successful trading requires lots of discipline.…

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A reminder to myself and others that Protoshares is a scamcoin

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  There it was at #8 on – Protoshares, the latest and greatest of digital currencies for “regular folks.” I was stunned to see it placing above XPM, but couldn’t exactly recall why I hated

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